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Cryotherapy, or Whole body cold Therapy, is the use of extreme cold temperatures to induce a number of health-promoting changes within the body.

How Does it Work?

By triggering your blood vessels to contrict, the process moves your blood to vital organs, boosting white blood cells, ramping up the circulatory system, and sending your naturally occurring feel-better-than-ever hormones into action.


Research and clinical studies show that Cryotherapy can be used to treat and relieve muscle pain, sprains, swelling, and joint stiffness.

This makes it an effective alternative to the low -tech applications, such as ice packs and ice bath immersion. Many clients also report improvements in sleep quality and restfulness.

The Experience

Step 1

Register and complete a health screening with our front desk.

Check in with a technician who will set up the right treatment for your wellness needs.

Use our locker rooms to change into swimwear – robe and slippers provided.

Step 2

A technician will provide a description of the equipment while you wait for pre-cool.

Enter the chamber and the technician will hand you an earpiece that monitors your oxygen level and BPM.

Remove and trade your robe for gloves from the technician.

Step 3

The technician will start the machine and monitor the experience.

After your 2-3 minute treatment, the technician will assist you.

Recover and rejuvenate in the locker room or in the lounge area.

Customer Reviews

      Awesome! Great for my aches and pains, increased healing and lymphatic drainage. Definitely recommend this place to anyone even if just for increasing your immune system. Today I did normatec the pressure therapy and my feet and legs feel like they just got a massage! They don't feel as heavy and sore!

    thumb Chey A.

      This spot is new and amazing. I have many problems with muscle pains and fatigue after hard day of training. I received many treatments here and they were all worth the money. The first time I visited I received the cryotherapy, the second time I got the UV light treatment and the third time I received the normatech treatment and they were all very refreshing and beneficial for me. I think investing time and money on one's self for physical and mental health is the most important routine someone could have. The also have a very knowledgeable and attentive staff if you're not familiar with all this expensive new technology. It looks like the owners of this place has spent lots of money on the place by giving it all the high tech equipment and love it needs. Also the entire place is hospital grade clean.

    thumb David C.

      The Vie Co is the perfect place to get recovery fast and easy! All their machines are the latest and the prices are incredible. They offer Cryotherapy, Novothor, Normatec , and even Cryoskin! I've tried the first three and they've helped with all my pain, felt more relaxed and energized , overall much better than when I first came in ! The environment is amazing , great people, great music, just relaxation! Its always a perfect day to take care of your health and no better place than The Vie Co to do so!

    thumb Dante S.

      The people are so friendly and cryotherapy was awesome. It didn't even feel like I was standing in -220 F. Highly recommend it. My back which has been hurting for some time feels great!

    thumb Pablo G.



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